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Calzaghe -vs- Hopkins official scorecard, as well as that of Boxing Chronicles!


Listen ladies and gentlemen, I'm probably the biggest Hopkins supporter you will ever come across or meet, but I have to keep it real when I watch a fight. I love Hopkins, but when I see some people's scorecards that actually had Hopkins edging this fight out, I really have to question why. While it is clear that I do not have 20/20 vision, I can still view and analyze what's happening in a boxing match from round to round. This probably should've been a unanimous decision for Joe Calzaghe. I scored it 116-111, as did HBO's unofficial ringside judge Harold Lederman and one of the three official judges, so even if you gave a couple of the swing rounds to Hopkins, Calzaghe is still the winner by one point. That's the farthest you can stretch the scoring in Hopkins favor.


Round 1: 10-8 Hopkins
Round 2: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 19-18 Hopkins
Round 3: 10-9 Hopkins Total: 29-27 Hopkins
Round 4: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 38-37 Hopkins
Round 5: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 47-47
Round 6: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 57-56 Calzaghe
Round 7: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 67-65 Calzaghe
Round 8: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 77-74 Calzaghe
Round 9: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 87-83 Calzaghe
Round 10: 10-9 Hopkins Total: 96-93 Calzaghe
Round 11: 10-9 Calzaghe Total: 106-102 Calzaghe
Round 12: 10-9 Calzaghe

Total: 116-111 Calzaghe (9-3)

Calzaghe dethrones Hopkins in U.S. debut!

How wrong I was regarding my prediction going into this fight. As one of the biggest Hopkins fans in the universe (as you might've suspected with my posts leading up to this fight), that fight was very difficult for me to watch. Although it was not an artistic masterpiece by any means from either pugilist, Joe Calzaghe was the more active fighter and did more than enough to seize Bernard Hopkins' light heavyweight championship with a narrow split decision.

Hopkins managed to drop Calzaghe with a straight right hand in the first round. Calzaghe was not hurt by any means, but he was squared up and caught off balance by the punch. From that point forward, it was Calzaghe would got into a workman like rhythm, much like he did against Mikkell Kessler, and basically out hustled Hopkins for the remainder of the fight.

Calzaghe hit Hopkins with a low blow in round 10, at which point Hopkins took a few minutes time out to recover. He probably took more time that he actually needed just to break up the momentum that Calzaghe had built up. It didn't work, however, as Calzaghe continued to press Hopkins in the championship rounds. Calzaghe hit Hopkins with another low blow in round 11, but on that occassion, Hopkins resumed the action rather quickly.

At the end of the day, Hopkins probably landed the cleaner punches throughout the fight, but Calzaghe landed so many more punches and completely out worked the 43 year old Hall of Famer. Hopkins certainly didn't embarrass himself with his performance in the fight. For a man who is 43 years of age, he showed that he could still compete on the top level with a younger undefeated champion, but he just didn't have enough in the tank of hold off the high punch output of Calzaghe.

Official scores for the fight were 114-113 Hopkins, 115-112 and 116-111 for Calzaghe. Boxing Chronicles also scored the fight 116-111 for the new champion.

Roy Jones, Jr: If Calzaghe wins, I want Calzaghe. If not, my next move will either be Anderson Silva or Glen Johnson!

Last night on ESPN Friday Night Fights, Roy Jones, Jr was with Brian Kenny in Las Vegas to preview the light heavyweight showdown taking place tonight between Hopkins and Calzaghe, but also to discuss the action that took place on Showtime last Saturday night in the light heavyweight doubleheader between Antonio Tarver, Clinton Woods, Chad Dawson, and Glen Johnson.

At this time, being that Tarver and Dawson, the IBF and WBC titleist respectively, are on course to meet each other this fall, that still leaves Johnson open as a possible opponent for Jones. Johnson, who lost a highly controversial decision to Dawson last weekend, still remains the only guy on Jones record that Jones hasn't scored a victory over as of yet. Back in September 2004, Johnson scored a ninth round KO of Jones in Memphis, Tennessee. Although Jones did lose two fights to Tarver, one by knockout and the other by points, he still scraped past Tarver by the skin of his teeth with a majority decision win in November of 2003.

While talking with Brian Kenny, Jones stated that the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championships disapproved of a boxing match between Jones and Anderson Silva. Jones went on to suggest that Dana White, the UFC president, called Floyd Mayweather all types of derogatory names for not coming over to the UFC, but when he tried to make a fight with Silva (who is a big fan of Jones and would love to box against him in the square circle), White turned it down immediately.

In terms of his next move, Jones stated that his next fight could be against Calzaghe if Calzaghe defeats Hopkins. According to Jones, Calzaghe is certainly an easier fight for him to make because both he and Calzaghe have expressed mutual interests in facing each other. Making a fight between Hopkins and Jones has been a greater complexity than pulling teeth in a dental office for more than seven years now. Don't expect Hopkins vs Jones II ladies and gentlemen.

If Hopkins were to upset Calzaghe, however, Jones went on to say, "It will either be against Silva, if that fight can still be made. If not, my biggest preference would be a rematch with Johnson"

Hopkins -vs-Calzaghe: Pre-fight analysis and prediction!

Tune into HBO World Championship Boxing at 9:45pm ET/ 6:45pm PT to catch the light heavyweight championship fight between champion Bernard Hopkins and undefeated super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe, who is coming up in weight to challenge Hopkins.

Joe Calzaghe is a highly skilled southpaw boxer with a high volume output. Nonetheless, he is still a southpaw. Bernard Hopkins is 12-0 with 8 KOs against southpaws, with his last two victims being Antonio Tarver and Winky Wright. Both of those fighters were favored to defeat Hopkins. Tarver was heavily favored.

Wright is another guy - another southpaw - who was favored to win and known for throwing a high volume of punches. The crafty Hopkins used his high boxing IQ in that contest to reduce Wright to a punch output averaging 50 punches a round. As I said, Wright was a southpaw, probably smarter in the ring than Calzaghe is, and he was about the same age.

Tonight, Calzaghe is the third southpaw in a row who is favored (5/2) to beat the light heavyweight champion of the world. In terms of quality of opposition, one can name five great fighters on Hopkins record. Look at the fighters he has fought over the past ten years. Roy Jones, Jr. Felix Trinidad. Oscar De la hoya. Jermain Taylor. Antonio Tarver. Winky Wright. Those are some world class fighters and champions!

Calzaghe's best opponent to date has been Mikkell Kessler, whom he defeated rather handily in his last fight this past November. The fight was in Wales.

Before Kessler, Calzaghe's best opponent was Jeff Lacy. Lacy was perceived to be the future of the super middleweight division, and perhaps the future of boxing in general, but he had approximately half the amount of fights that Calzaghe had when they fought each other. Lacy was favored to win, however, and Calzaghe upended him in an impressive shutout type of performance. That fight took place in England.

Do you see the pattern here? Because I do. Calzaghe has yet to come to the states. He will be making his US debut tonight when meets Hopkins in the ring at Planet Hollywood at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Other fighters, who looked remarkable across the pond, have also come over here to the states to challenge our world champions and world class fighters. Prince Naseem Hamed and Ricky Hatton are two of the most recent examples.

Hamed made his debut in the US in 2001, also in Las Vegas, against the accomplished and very capable Marco Antonio Barrera. Hamed just didn't look the same in that fight as he did when he was scoring knockouts over lesser opposition in the comfort of his own backyard. Hatton, when facing the slick American southpaw Luis Collazo in his US debut, was exposed a bit technically, when he was faced for the first time with an American style of boxing and not just the straight up European style, and won a close and controversial decision back in 2006.

Go back to the 90s, Lloyd Honeyghan could be another example. He knocked out Donald Curry in Atlantic City, but when he met Marlon Starling and Vinny Pazienza, the same magic wasn't quite there the way it was when he was racking up KO victories in England.

In terms of strategy, Calzaghe is going to try to throw over 100 punches a round in order to keep Hopkins in a defensive mode. Hopkins job is to try to keep the fight in the center of the ring, work Calzaghe's body from the outset to reduce his punch output when or if the fight reaches the later rounds.

So what happens in the fight?

I see Hopkins biding his time in the early rounds, trying to gage Calzaghe's work rate and get a look at the punches Calzaghe will be throwing at him. Calzaghe is the faster guy, so look for Hopkins to take a few rounds to get accustomed to the man's handspeed. Early on, this fight will look a little bit like Hopkin's first fight with Antwun Echols. Hopkins will be using the early rounds to adjust to the onslaught of his younger and faster opponent. The key to Hopkins success will be timing and making this fight a rough fight. I'd say after about 4 or 5 close rounds, Hopkins will begin to accumulate punishment with body shots and Calzaghe will show signs of a reduced punch output, slowing down considerably in rounds six and seven. From about round eight, the fight will get a little rougher, if not more crowdpleasing or exciting, as Hopkins will be able to throw more punches and land more punches to Calzaghe's head and upper body due to the body shots he invested in in the earlier rounds. Hopkins outworks Calzaghe in rounds nine through twelve, manhandles him, outboxes him, and completely befuddles him the way he's befuddled the rest of his southpaw opposition.

Due to caginess, being the smarter and more experienced fighter against top flight opposition, and having more experience on the big stage in the US, Hopkins gives Calzaghe is first L by means of a unanimous decision. 116-112 on all three scorecards sounds about right.

Hopkins by unanimous decision

Tarver dethrones Woods, Dawson survives Johnson

TAMPA, Fla. - Antonio Tarver climbed into the ring with one light heavyweight title Saturday night. He departed with two championship belts and a roaring crowd behind him.

Tarver handily defeated Clinton Woods with a unanimous 12-round decision to retain his lightly regarded IBO crown and seize the IBF title from his British foe.

Tarver (27-4, 19 KOs) thrilled his hometown fans by rocking Woods with a solid left jab to the head in the 11th round. The Tampa resident carried the momentum into the final round, then thrust his hands upward at the final bell as Woods dropped his head and returned to his corner.

Judge Howard Foster scored the bout 119-109 for Tarver. John Rupert had it 117-111, and Steve Marshall called it 116-112.

Tarver immediately turned his attention to the future.

"It's all about the belts. I want all the beltholders," said the 39-year-old southpaw, who brazenly claimed to be the only champion among three light heavyweight titleholders at a news conference Thursday.

The trio includes Chad Dawson, who earlier in the night defended his WBC title with a unanimous 12-round decision over former IBF titleist Glen Johnson.

"Chad Dawson right now is easy pickings," Tarver said. "He's not the fighter that he was before tonight. He got hit by Glen Johnson. Getting hit by Glen Johnson is different than getting hit by Antonio Tarver."

Woods (41-4-1, 25 KOs) was seeking his fifth defense of the belt he captured three years ago with a technical knockout of Rico Hoye. The Sheffield, England, native was coming off a unanimous decision over former champion Julio Gonzalez last September in his hometown.

The 25-year-old Dawson (26-0, 17 KOs) withstood a serious challenge from the veteran Johnson (47-12-2, 32 KOs), more than the scorecards indicated. Johnson and his supporters openly shared their frustration with the decision of the judges, who each scored it 116-112.

"Of all the tough losses I've had, this is the worst one. At my age, I can't afford to lose fights like this anymore," said Johnson, who turned 39 in January. "I hurt him many times. He hardly landed any good punches on me."

Dawson felt every bit the undefeated champion, but gave the challenger his due.

"Glen is a great fighter," Dawson said. "He caught me with some good shots, but I took them."

Source: Associated Press

B-Money's thoughts:

The light heavyweight division is almost as good as the welterweight division. Tarver convincingly beat Woods to retain the IBO title and gain the IBF strap. Tarver's win was legitmate. The other victor on the card, WBC champion Chad Dawson, didn't have as easy of a time against former light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson. Easy or not, the two winners were officially Tarver and Dawson. What does this mean? There will likely be a Dawson vs Tarver matchup later in the year - probably sometime in the fall. These guys have belts, but they're missing something. The real light heavyweight championship of the world. That is beginning contested on Saturday night between light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins and super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe, who is moving up in weight to 175lbs to challenge Hopkins.

Cotto, Margarito victorious in Atlantic City last weekend!

Cotto vs Margarito on July 26?

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ After two lopsided welterweight title fights, it's time for Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito to get it on in the ring.That likely will happen this summer, and both champions can expect tougher outings than they had Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall.

Cotto battered Alfonso Gomez for five rounds to retain his WBA welterweight title and set up the fight with new IBF champion Margarito. Earlier, Margarito dominated Kermit Cintron for the second time, then knocked him out in the sixth round to win the IBF crown.

"I want to be prepared for anyone, especially Margarito," Cotto said of a projected July 26 meeting. "He is a champion and so am I, and it should make for a very good fight."

Margarito agreed.

"Yes, it will be a very hard fight for both of us," he said. "We will both come ready."Cotto had no trouble with the outmanned Gomez and ran his record to 32-0 with 26 knockouts when Dr. Mark Schaber stopped the fight after a lopsided fifth round. In that round, Gomez went down for the third time. Gomez's face was swollen almost from the first time the Puerto Rican star hit him in the mismatch.

By the end of the fifth, with the crowd chanting his name, Cotto was backing off, seeing that the one-time participant in "The Contender" TV show couldn't contend with his power and precision."I wanted to work and do it the right way," Cotto said of his fourth defense of the title he won here on Dec. 2, 2006, against Carlos Quintana.

In the third and fourth rounds alone, Cotto outlanded Gomez 108-23, and two of the knockdowns came on body shots. A straight left to the face late in the fifth provided the third knockdown, and Cotto landed 59 percent of his power punches.

"You always worry before you go into a fight," added Evangelista Cotto, the fighter's trainer and uncle, "but we knew we had the superior fighter. That was a real beating in there." Evangelista Cotto reportedly has been feuding with his nephew and others in the Cotto camp. But there were nothing but smiles for all of them after this fight.

Gomez was disappointed he wasn't allowed to continue.

"The doctor said I couldn't see out of my right eye," he said.It was a one-sided night in perhaps the strongest division in boxing, which also boasts WBC champion Floyd Mayweather. Gomez, of Mexico, never had a chance against the relentless Cotto and, surprisingly, Cintron put up almost no resistance against Margarito."They promised me Cotto and they'd better deliver," said Margarito, now 36-5 with 25 knockouts.

Promoter Bob Arum has targeted July 26 for that bout.Margarito handed Cintron the only previous loss of his career three years ago in the fifth round in a WBO championship bout. This time, the Mexican pummeled the champion from the opening bell, then ended the lopsided fight with a devastating left to the body at 1:57 of the sixth.

Margarito had a cut over his left eye for the last three rounds, but it never seemed to bother him. And he opened a cut under Cintron's left eye in the fifth. By that time, Cintron already was battered.The fight ended quickly in the sixth after Margarito landed a dozen solid punches, then sent the uppercut directly into Cintron's ribs. The Reading, Pa., native, who was born in Puerto Rico and represented the island in the fight, went down on all fours and never came close to getting up."My hands were up high and he hit me with an uppercut and I couldn't breathe," said Cintron, 29-2. "I should have tried to box more and stayed on the outside, but I wanted to prove something.

"I'll be back."

Cintron had won five in a row by knockouts since the loss to Margarito, including beating Mark Suarez two years ago for the title Margarito took away in such strong fashion.

Margarito landed 207 power punches to only 89 for Cintron, and also landed 257 of 611 total punches (42 percent) to only 30 percent for Cintron.

Source: Associated Press

B-Money's thoughts:

As I stated in the preview post for the Cotto/Margarito doubleheader, the general public pretty much knew who was going to emerge victorious in those two fights. This was a preview show to set up a bigger event later this summer between Cotto and Margarito. It was a chance for Cotto to make a title defense in HBO and excit both television viewers and viewers in attendance with an exciting knockout victory against an overmatched opponent. It was a chance for Margarito to become a two time welterweight titleist and set up his opportunity to face Cotto.

The welterweight division is one of the hottest divisions - probably THE hottest division in boxing right now. All of these welterweight contenders and titleholders are fighting and vowing for the chance to land a big mega buck showdown against the winner of Mayweather vs De la hoya II on September 20. For now, it appears as though we may have big welterweight title fight between Cotto and Margarito. Bob Arum says it could happen on July 26, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. I would love to see that fight. Their styles are the perfect foil for an all action shootout.

There's already one welterweight fight on the horizon on May 31. Shane Mosley and Zab Judah are going to lock heads in Las Vegas. Maybe, if the winner of Mayweather and De la hoya is not yet ready for the winner of Cotto and Margarito, the Mosley vs Judah winner will get a shot at a big payday.

I highly doubt the the IBF is going to allow Margarito to keep that title going into a fight with Cotto. If Margarito does indeed face Cotto in his next fight, the fight will only be for Cotto's WBA title. In that case, Joshua Clottey, who stopped Jose Luis Cruz a couple of weeks ago, get his shot at the vacant IBF title.

The return of Ricky Hatton on May 24!

Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi rematching N'dou in the co-feature.
Hatton vs Malignaggi in the fall?

At the City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester, England on May 24, Jr Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton returns to the ring for the first time since losing to Floyd Mayweather on a 10th round TKO this past December in Las Vegas. Hatton will be defending against former lightweight title challenger Juan Lazcano.

On the undercard, IBF Jr Welterweight titlist Paulie Malignaggi makes the second defense of his title against the man he won the title from in convincing and dominating fashion last June, Lovemore N'dou. Prior to their first match, there was a rematch clause in the contract, but Malignaggi outclasses N'dou every minute of every round of that fight that it makes fans and media wonder why they would even want to see a rematch of that. What could possibly different in a return engagement?

This 140lb doubleheader is being shown on the free cable network, Versus, during the afternoon due to the fact that it's coming to you live from the United Kingdom. Therefore, think of this whole scenario as a treat for boxing fans to see two of best fighters in the jr welterweight division, or any class in boxing for that matter, fight in showcase matches on free television. Should both combatants emerge victorious, as they are favored to do, there is a possibility that we see a big showdown this fall between Hatton and Malignaggi for the legitimate jr welterweight championship of the world.

Hatton is still widely regarded as the champion as well as the man to beat at 140lbs, but Malignaggi has been calling him out for some time now. That's the fight that Malignaggi really wants. It's a great payday and opportunity to shine for Malignaggi, but also a chance for Hatton to redeem himself for the loss to Mayweather and score yet another career defining win at 140lbs. Career defining win at 140lbs - something Hatton hasn't really accomplished since dethroning Kostya Tszyu in June of 2005.

A win over Malignaggi would be a notable achievement that could give Hatton's career the boost it could seriously use at this time, as Malignaggi's only loss to this day is still the close and competitive one at the hands of Cotto from two years ago.

Saturday night welterweight title twinbill: Cotto -vs- Gomez, Cintron -vs- Margarito II

Undefeated WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto is set to make the fourth defense of his title against Season One Contender Alfonso Gomez at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City this Saturday night. Cotto, the undefeated Puerto Rican sensation won the vacant title with a 6th round TKO of Carlos Quintana, who later went on to dethrone Paul Williams for the WBO version of the title, in December of 2006 in the same Boardwalk Hall.

Since winning the title, Cotto has defended it with impressive wins against Zab Judah and Sugar Shane Mosley at Madison Square Garden. Gomez biggest career win to date is the upset victory he scored over Atlantic City's favorite blood and guts son Arturo Gatti. Although Gatti was favored to defeat Gomez, he was clearly in the twilight of his career. Gomez crushed Gatti in seven brutally one sided rounds. While Gomez has elected to make this a competitive and exciting fight, and firmly believes that he will emerge victorious, this fight is being seen as a stay busy showcase fight for Cotto.

Bob Arum, Cotto's promoter, is really using this event as a chance to preview a big fight later this year between Cotto and the winner of the welterweight title rematch, between IBF titlist Kermit Cintron and Antonio Margarito, on the undercard. Should Cotto take care of business, as is heavily expected, look for him to face the winner of Cintron/Margarito later this year in a much bigger fight.

In terms of the undercard fight, Cintron views his fight with Margarito as a chance to redeem himself for the one sided he defeat he was dealt at the hands of Margarito three years ago in Las Vegas. Back in April of 2005, Margarito who was defending his WBO title at that time, dominated Cintron for four rounds and dropped him four times enroute to an embarrassing fifth round technical knockout. Since that time, Margarito lost his belt to Paul Williams in July of 2007, while Cintron picked up the vacant IBF strap in a fight against Mike Suarez.

Cintron defended his title this past November with a 10th TKO of Jesse Feliciano in a less than inspiring performance on the undercard of Mayorga vs Vargas, while Margarito rebounded from the loss to Williams with an impressive one round blowout of Golden Johnson on the undercard of Cotto vs Mosley at Madison Square Garden. That leads up to the big welterweight rematch, which probably bares more significance than the showcase in the main event. This welterweight twinbill will be televised on HBO World Championship Boxing.

My predictions are as follows:

Cintron vs Margarito

I'm going with Margarito, either by a late stoppage or clear UD. Margarito is fully capable of dissecting Cintron and stopping him AGAIN but something tells me that Cintron just might play it safe and slip into survival mode if there comes a moment when he feels that his chances of finishing the fight are once again in jeopardy. Cintron won't want to get KOed again, but I'll go out on a limb and take Margarito by a 10th round TKO.

Cotto vs Gomez

No disrespect to Alfonso Gomez, who is a good fighter in his own right, but he is by no way, shape, or form, ready for this level of opposition. At least not at this time. A fight with an up and coming contender like Andre Berto, or even former champions Luis Collazo or Sharmba Mitchell, may have been better looks for Gomez. But the beauty of boxing is that fighters under these circumstances have opportunities to step into the square ring and prove critical skeptics like me wrong. Nonetheless, this fight has mismatch written all over it. Cotto throws bombs and Gomez has feather dusters at the end of his wrists. Cotto is several stratospheres above the "Contenders" and the shopworn, recycled and regurgitated Arturo Gatti that Gomez has faced to this point. Once Cotto hits Gomez, Gomez is going to start wondering, "What has Jeff Wald gotten me into here?" This fight is not going to last very long at all. Fortunately for us, I believe Gomez will come to fight. Unfortunately for him, it will be an exciting, yet very short night when he runs into Cotto's power punches in the process. Short but sweet!

Cotto by a third round KO.

Clottey, the most feared welterweight in the world, fights Cruz tonight on Versus!

Tonight at the Aviator Sports Arena in Brooklyn, New York, IBF number one welterweight contender Joshua Clottey will defending his mandatory spot against Jose Luis Cruz in a welterweight fight scheduled for 12 rounds.

Since dropping a close disputed twelve decision to then WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito in Atlantic City in December of 2006, Clottey has amassed a string of notable wins. In April of 2007, he defeated the late and great Diego Corrales by a 10 round unanimous decision. Clottey has also beaten Felix Flores and earned the number one spot he currently holds in the IBF by defeating Shamone Alavarez over the course of the twelve rounds in his last outing this past December. You may recall seeing Cruz before against Sugar Shane Mosley in September of 2005, dropping a unanimous decision against the former three division champion on the undercard of Marco Antonio Barrera's super featherweight title fight with Robbie Peden.

This appears to be a stay-busy fight for Clottey, as he continues to push to get his mandatory title shot enforced against the reigning title holder Kermit Cintron. There were talks earlier this year of staging a unification fight between Cintron and WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto. Cotto's promoter Bob Arum, who also promotes Clottey, refused to make that match due to the fact that Clottey is the mandatory challenger in the IBF and Cintron must first face Clottey.

So what happened shortly there after? Arum chose to match Cotto with - get ready - Season one Contender Alfonso Gomez! On the the undercard as part of a welterweight twinbill, Cintron will defend his title, but not against his mandatory challenger Clottey! Cintron will instead defend against Margarito, who remains the only fighter who has beaten him as professional. Hence, a stay busy fight tonight for the frustrated Clottey who is desperately trying to get that mandatory enforced.

Cruz is a pretty durable guy, so look for Clottey to get some rounds in and probably cruz to a unanimous decision. The fight will be televised tonight on Versus, starting at 9pm E/T.