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Manny Pacquiao tests free of steroids!

Pound for Pound king Manny Pacquiao has once again, for the tenth time in the state of Nevada, tested free of steroids according to today's report at ABS-CBN News. According to Executive Director Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), Pacquiao underwent urine tests, before and after the fight, and both tests came back negative.
There have recently been rumors of steroid usage drummed up by disbelievers in the sport, such as world renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., former IBF welterweight champion Kermit Cintron, and former IBF junior welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi.

Of course Malignaggi shares two common opponents with Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton, but Malignaggi lost to both of those fighters in the two biggest fights of his professional career thus far. Pacquiao, on the other hand, dominated and stopped both of them in impressive fashion. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Pacquiao's success would result in skepticism from the outspoken Magic Man of Bensonhurst Brooklyn.

Malignaggi was quoted by, suggesting to the hosts of the radio podcast at, "There's something fishy about Manny Pacquiao, man, for a lot of reasons...if the situation is what I think it is, God, Manny Pacquiao will not lose to any of these welterweights. It's unfortunate. The level of drug testing in boxing is not really that deep. I mean, we have urine tests on the day of the fight and we don't have much else... there's things that don't come up in drug tests. There's ways to beat drug tests."

No Paulie, forget about ways to beat drug tests for just a moment. In the sport of boxing, the name of the game is for one to find a way to beat opponents rather than beating drug tests. One can not test ten times and turn in negative results each and every single time if he is generally regarded as a dirty fighter. Not everyone who defeats Miguel Cotto is necessarily going to be committing foul play. Maybe, just maybe, the haters and skeptics should give the man some credit for his accomplishments.

Malignaggi continued, "I know a lot of people are going to hate what I think. But it's what I think. I'm not telling anybody that it’s a fact." Well the more important fact remains, Pacquiao has passed ten drug tests in Nevada. I doubt anybody is hating what Malignaggi thinks. In all due respect, perhaps it is Mr. Malignaggi who is the one spewing hate towards Pacquiao for defeating the foes, who have legitimately pinned two losses on the Magic Man's professional record, in such spectacular fashion.

As for Mayweather, Sr., he is well aware that the pride of the Philippines could very well be facing his son in one of the most hotly anticipated fights of all time, so this commentator would expect Mayweather Sr. to start talking trash especially if he is at all concerned about his undefeated son's chances of victory.

Mayweather Sr. was quoted as saying in a report by, "Full blown welterweights don’t take those types of punches from Miguel Cotto the way he (Pacquiao) took them with total disregard for his power nor do they hurt him with every punch they hit him with… There is something that seriously makes me feel weird about Manny Pacquiao. I am going to leave it at that." In all due respect, Pacquiao is not the first fighter to move up in weight and take punches better than he did in the lower weight classes. Perhaps somebody should remind Mr. Mayweather that Chris Byrd began his professional career at 160lbs, moved up to heavyweight years later, and went twelve rounds with current heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko [weighing 238lbs at fight time!] in October of 2000.

Felix Trinidad also got stronger as he moved up in weight, from 147lbs all the way to 166lbs. Trinidad, when he campaigned as a welterweight, was dropped by a number of lesser opponents. As he moved up in weight, he was able to take punches better than he did at the lower weight classes. Nobody in their right mind would've guessed that a man who was knocked down by welterweights Anthony Stephens, Luis Ramon Campas, Oba Carr, and Kevin Lueshing would go almost 12 rounds with middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins, much less last the distance with former light heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr. at a catch weight of 166lbs.

Pacquiao, who for the tenth time turned in a negative test result for steroids in Nevada, has always dismissed the claims and has insisted that he is a clean fighter who has never taken any performance enhancing drugs. Pacquiao told, "Maybe all of them -- they're using the steroids, and not me. You know what? I don't even know what a steroid is. I've never done that."

Steroids will not enhance one's ability to take solid punch to the chin, nor do they necessarily boost a fighter's stamina. Steroids certainly did not help Shane Mosley in his September 2003 rematch with Oscar De la hoya, nor did they benefit Fernando Vargas in his September 2002 title unification against De la hoya. If anything, it appeared as though Vargas tired as the fight progressed before De la hoya inevitably stopped him in the 11th round. Hopefully this dispels any rumors of foul play by Pacquiao.

How many times will a fighter be expected to return negative test results before one rightfully accepts him as a clean fighter who competes fair and square? Can the haters finally accept Pacquiao for the great fighter that he has become through hard work, dedication, and a desire to continuously face the best fighters in the world as he moves up in weight? Regardless of the matter, rumors of Pacquiao using performance enhancing drugs should be discarded.

The boxing world will continue to await finalization of the much anticipated Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight, for which HBO has already reserved the date of May 1, 2010 should the epic showdown come to fruition as a reality. Mainstream media is already buzzing about the prospects of such an event taking place.

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cam59 said...

HGH! nevada does not test for that! he looks like a mini bodybuilder! no way a fighter that small moves up in weight and destroy fighters like that! not even Duran, Leonard, Arguello, De La Hoya and even Trinidad! Trinidad lost power going up to to 170.... Manny's power has gone up. Very fishy when a athelete says i dont know what steroids are??? c'mon!

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

whoever wrote this article obviously has not been following boxing very long. Shane Mosley beat De La Hoya in both of their if Shane was on steroids, they obviously helped. urine testing is among the most primitive in steroid and performance enhancing substances...creams and drugs like HGH are not detected in the testing currently used in boxing. And when have you seen a guy move up the way pacquiao has and all of a sudden become the caliber of fighter he is now. pacquiao was merely a "good" fighter and all of a sudden in his late 20's he's the best? has an unfounded chin? and developed a devastating knockout punch? look at his record, surely not the record of a devastating knockout artist yet he managed to win his last 3 by knockout against guys with stellar chins from much higher weight classes than Manny had ever fought in before.(even though hatton's may be questionable, remember he has only suffered one other loss so it couldn't be that bad). Those fighters and people in general that are asking "is he on it" are not haters but rather are using common sense! And by the way, more stamina, strength, and a better chin are exactly what one could hope to gain from steroid use...

Bryan "B-Money" Bradley said...

For starters, both of you really need to do your research. HGH boosters are totally LEGAL. They are merely atural supplements that cause you to increase your own HGH production rather than take it from an injection. These supplements are designed to give your body the same amount of human growth hormone but without risk so you can take it and get the same results without risking any chance of injuring your gland.

That's why Las Vegas doesn't test for them, geniuses.

Aaron, I've been in the sport for over 20 years. Did steroids help Fernando Vargas against Oscar De la hoya?? He seemed to have gotten pretty tired to me from the 6th round on, and then he got KOed in the 11th. I don't think Shane looked as great as you're saying he did in the rematch. He looked slow and methodical in that fight, compared to what he looked like in the first fight. Mosley wasn't accused of taking HGH. He was accused of taking BALCO. Again, do your research.

If you're questioning how long I've been around the sport of boxing, then you had to have been around long enough to know Ricardo Torres hurt and dropped Cotto in their fight. DeMarcus Corley hurt Cotto really bad and did everything BUT knock him out in their fight in Puerto Rico. Ricky Hatton was knocked down in the first round of his fight against Eamon Magee. He was also stunned on three occasions in his May 2008 fight against Juan Lazcano. Stellar chins? hardly.

Thanks again, and keep reading!

Aaron said...

You seem offended, and may have written your retort in haste rather than making an accurate response to what i said. Not once did I mention "legal HGH boosters" and taking Human Growth Hormone is absolutely banned as a performance enhancing drug. If you are claiming that the legal boosters are the same as the illegal hormone, then there really isn't much I need to've done it for me, genius. I hardly think that citing to a website that sells legal boosters is a qualified source for supporting your argument. There wouldn't be any bias there, right? The Nevada Boxing Commission absolutely bans gH(growth hormone)as can be validated on their home page and on the website. To date, there has been attempts at developing a urinalysis that detects gH, however not have proven to be accurate and successful. Regardless, none have been adopted by the Boxing Commission anyway. Those are the facts B-Money and are supported by credible sources. Continuing on...If you are arguing,and it seems as though you are because you are claiming that steroids did not help Mosley or Vargas, that steroids do not enhance performance, then why would they be banned substances under the label, "performance enhancing substances". They obviously improve performance as can be seen in a myriad of examples(the high profile baseball and football cases). If you are saying that boxing is the exception and that somehow the athletic skills required for the sport exclusively escape the known benefits to athletic ability provided by steroid/hormone use...then again I don't think there is a need for me to say much. The rest of what you say is opinion based and to that you are absolutely entitled. That being said, boxing is a sport of controled violence. Fighters will obviously be stunned. I would say the true test of a good chin is not merely not being knocked down or stunned but also recovery time and the ability to forge through such instances and not lose composure. To be able to come back from being stunned and win a fight must say something of the strength and durability of a boxer's "chin". Cotto and Hatton both went on to win the fights you spoke of. I believe I said that Hatton's chin was questionable also. I also don't see in my comment where I said that Mosley took HGH? Maybe you should tighten up "your" research. " if Shane was on STEROIDS, they obviously helped." I am sure you admit there is a difference between "steroids" and "hormones". Regardless of whether you agree with my opinion on analyzing a boxer's chin, I am sure with your experience you'll have observed that boxers don't all-of-a-sudden develop devastating knockout power late in their careers. I am not saying that Manny doesn't have power. Let me make that clear since you tend to take my points and address them in an inaccurate manner. I am not even stating that Manny is on something. All that I stated was that people, boxers and the public alike, are not haters as you call them for questioning whether Manny is on something. Under the circumstances, it is plain logical to question whether someone who has jumped weightclasses, fought the caliber of fighters, and knocked out those fighters when he was not a "knockout artist" to begin with in the manner in which he did, is on something. No worries, I will continue to read but please don't misrepresent my comments this time in your response. Thanks

Aaron said...

Also, while I am at it, BALCO stands for Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative and was a San Francisco Bay Area business accused of supplying steroids. It is not a steroid itself. "The Clear" is the steroid they are most famous for distributing. So while Shane Mosley admitted to using "BALCO" steroids he did not take BALCO. Do your research.

Bryan "B-Money" Bradley said...

My bad, BALCO itself is not a drug. If you want to get technical, LOL, "The Clear." It was a tetrahydrogestrinone, marketed by BALCO.

Aaron, let me just ask you this question. Did you wage a substantial amount of money on Oscar De la hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Miguel Cotto over Manny Pacquiao and happen to come up short?????? I say this because I happen to know a number of folks that did and they are not very happy right now. LOL. Just curious!

Symptoms of actual HGH itself include muscle joint and bone pain, joint swelling, accelerated accelerated osteoarthritis, and cardiac deficiency.

HGH will not add to increased hand or footspeed. What it does is add muscle and, in many cases, dramatically enhance one's phsyical frame.

I do respect your opinion, but the use of HGH has side effects that are not noticeable to me in the Pacquiao. Does Pacquiao really look like he's experiencing bone and joint pains when he's fighting????? Or even when he's out of the ring? He seemed to get hit rather often in the early rounds of his fight against Cotto. Does he look any bigger or more muscular than he did previously?

I will repeat what I said before; HGH boosters are entirely legal and he may use those as he pleases. It's quite possible that he is using a booster, such as Rejuvamin or Sytropin. I don't see Pacquiao experiencing the symptoms of the actual HGH.

Pacquiao has always had punching power. He didn't belong down at 112lbs nearly as long as stayed there. I thought he overstayed his welcome in that weight class as it was. He had one punch KO power in the lower weight classes; he does not have that same power at the higher weight classes (he does NOT), so I disagree that he has suddenly become this 'devastating KO artist' that he wasn't previously known to be. He beat both De la hoya and Cotto on an accumulation of punishment. De la hoya was never once put on the canvas. He QUIT in his CORNER. Cotto was dropped twice, once from a balance shot in the third round, another time from an uppercut he didn't see in the fourth round - a round he was winning up to that point.

Last but not least, when other fighters in the sport are praising a guy like Pacquiao, suggesting that he could possibly be something special if he defeats or even knocks out a guy like Cotto, they are clearly hating when they accuse him afterwards of taking performance enhancing drugs. There's a number of those types of haters out there.

If HGH was such a benefit to a prize fighter, void of any physically harmful symptoms with usage being easy to get away with, then why haven't more fighters taken that route???

There are indeed the facts, and the rest is just a matter of one's opinion.

Thank you for reading!

cam59 said...

hmmmmm! Manny doesn't want a blood test? superstition?.... by the way b money its long term abuse of hgh that causes side effects. It seems like you have money on pacman! now that he doesn't want to comply to blood testing you have to wonder about him and PED use

Anonymous said...

By Train Yarde:

The obvious one who's on steroids is none other than F.Mayweather Jr. He was out of boxing for a very long time yet he came back with speed & big muscles during his fight with the urine-drinker J.M.Marquez. Look at FMJ's body & muscles in recent fights, excessively rich and plain body-builder-big! Big body & muscles like that should slow the person considerably and also produces more substances that tire his own body (lactic acid if I'm not mistaken). He shouldn't be that quick, his body should exhaust easier, his legs heavier as the fight progressed. Just apparent PED-using results! You Pac-haters may answer that FMJ is just a different athlete, that's why, and criticize Pac for his own exciting performance? Sheesh. FMJ should have been very rusty & less mascular. His alibi of still training during his long absence is dubious, especially with all his financial turmoil.

While JMM was good at the lower weights, never it would seem at the higher ones, he just can't pack that much muscle and still be effective. He'll never be great with respect to that category in greatness. You fellows were booing him over & over before but now are rallying behind him becoz he's d only 1 left to look up on to. Even if he won his 2 fights with Pac before, it wouldn't be convincing, wouldn't be sensational, just on points. You Pac-haters say R.Hatton was a shot fighter after Pacman devastatingly KOed him, and now JMM considers fighting RH? Eh? If you haters claim that RH was washed-out & made-to-order then why would JMM consider fighting him? I doubt JMM will dominate RH. Probably it will be the other way around. Style make fights afterall. Just becoz Pac wasn't able to demolish JMM, doesn't mean RH won't. Don't count RH out yet.

Again, the obvious drug user is FMJ! His claim of Pac using such is absurd! He's just trying to belittle Pac & do character assassination. He came up with his baseless accusation becoz he's the one using it all his fights. To FMJ (and to FMSr., all those envying personages, and the racists): stop slandering, quit being foul-mouthed, be an exemplar for the sport of boxing! If you don't want to fight Pac, then fight the other welterwts already! There's Mosley, Cotto, Margarito, Williams & Clottey in the corner. Cease cherry-picking smaller boxers. Transcend the sport if you can, just like how the smaller Pac already did! Pac made history, legacy! Boxing-haters felt boxing is dead for a long time, quite true, but since Pac's arrival to the sport at the lower weights years ago, boxing is a household word again. Even Pac's old foes, the triad, particularly JMM, are popular today becoz of Pac's previous battles with them. He ushered a new era for the game. Everybody, pls be grateful of Pacman's historical & impacting contributions to pro boxing. Manny Pacquiao, not just the no.1 pound-4-pound today, already an All-Time-Great!

cam59 said...

Floyd is nowhere near as fast as he used to be and he doesnt even punch as hard! he fought old and washed fighters! so yes ur right about Floyd not fighting the better fighters! Pac is small and off the EPO and HGH their is a very good chance Floyd will win! Floyd is a pussy and Pac is a cheater! BUT before u run ur mouth get ur facts straight! drug testing has to be unscheduled! what Mayweather wants! Pacquiao wants to schedule his blood testing! EPO can be out of ur system by 3 days! its advantage to know when ur being blood tested. Go to the U.S Anti Doping agency and see their testing policies! Why does Pac and Arum want to dictate when testing is done? Why does Pac and Arum keep saying that they passed all the drug test that have been given to Pac? urine only? urine wont detect anything but regular drugs like marijuana, coke etc. Blood, randomly will detect HGH and EPO's.... the CEO from the U.S. Anti Doping Agency said that Mayweather's camp should not back out from their stance of random blood testing so its Pac and his crew who has backed out of this fight.... and now are using writers and the rest of the media to their advantage to make Mayweather look like the bad guy! look at Barry Bonds! Roger Clemens! thats how the media works.... here you have individual atheletes (small)against the media (big business)! here you have Nevada, Arum and Pac against Mayweather and Golden Boy...... who do u think has the advantage? that's right Nevada. The one thing ur right about is that Pussy Mayweather wants one more BIG MONEY fight before he retires and thats the biggest fight against Pac (a smaller fighter off the PED's)so he can avoid the other fighters like Clottey, Williams, Mosley and maybe Margarito. Arum and Pac are cheaters and liars they are the ones who dont want to comply....

Anonymous said...

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