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Should Julio Cesar Chavez Jr retire?

It may seem as though I am coming down hard on him, but perhaps Julio Cesar Chavez Jr should consider hanging up the gloves. The undefeated 22 year old hinted at retirement following his lackluster and controversial split decision win over journeyman Matt Vanda this past Sunday.

It would appear as though Junior is really just living off his legendary father's name by consistently facing limited opposition. He's not doing anything to build up his own legacy. When you have a father who is an all-time great as Julio Cesar Chavez Sr is, it can be cumbersome to try to fill your father's shoes. I won't deny that at all, but at least attempt to make some kind of serious noise or splash of your own in the sport! Not only does Junior continue to fight these low caliber opponents, but he's just barely scraping past them. That's not how you improve as a boxer.

Junior has yet to show me that he's trying to improve or get to the next level whatsoever. His own supporters were booing when he was awarded the split decision against Vanda, throwing beer cans and other objects in the ring. His father, the legend, had to calm the angry Mexican crowd that was booing his son for such a dreadful performance. To his credit the fight was a terrific action fight, but he shouldn't be getting into wars like that against such limited and sub par opposition.

When you continue to fight sub par opposition, you grow accustomed to fighting down to the level of your opposition and you become sub par. That tells me that Junior really needs to shit or get off the pot. While I would like to see him retire at the rate he's going, his handlers should test him, once and for all, by putting him in with somebody world class. Put Junior in a title fight with WBC Super Welterweight Champion Sergio Mora, in a shit or get off the pot type of fight. Might even be a decent promotion. Hell, I'm not sure it wouldn't be a decent fight. The undefeated Latin Snake and Contender Champion, turned World Champion vs The undefeated Son of a Mexican Legend.

Nobody thought Mora was any good before he beat Forrest. He was held to a draw against an unranked and unknown opponent prior to the Forrest fight. Chavez needs to do something of value if he is going to stick around. He's 37-0... and who's he fought???????

By the time you're 37-0, or even 30-0, one should really know whether or not one is something special, somebody who is credible, or somebody with the potential to be something special who is making progress. Junior hasn't even fought anybody credible in 37 fights. Does he have the desire to fight somebody world class and make a name for himself, or is he living off his father's name?

The time is now for Chavez Jr to either make a move to get to the next level, or retire as he hinted at following the fight with Vanda.



THE BRYGUY said...

I like to cut Chavez Jr. just a little bit of slack. Let's not forget, these guys who are getting title shots or facing big time competition at 20-0 have had plenty of amateur experience. JCJ started late and didn't spend much time in the amateurs, so he's getting on the job training. I don't mind taking time with fighters, look at what Andre Ward has been doing, and he has a gold medal. I think some fighters are pushed too fast these days, I hate to say Jeff Lacy will never be the same. That being said, a Mora-JCJ fight would be a great fight.

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

He's a curious subject young Chavez. A baby still but 37-0 with precious little substance.

I'd be interested to see him versus a European or two, there are a number of guys who would provide some interesting competition for him.

Nice work anyway.


Anonymous said...

Drop me a line some time.

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with you. It's time. Maybe they're worried about a Marvis Frazier repeat where they put him in against some big name for the first time and he can't last the first round. I don't know. Possibly senior just wants to protect his boy.