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Mosley,Vargas meet again tonight in rematch!

After having fought each other at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV approximately five months ago, former world champions Sugar Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas return for a second engagement, once again in Las Vegas, but this time at the MGM Grand Garden. In their previous bout, the fight had shifting tides of fortune, but was stopped due to severe swelling around Vargas' left eye.

Swelling, the product of Mosley's repeated right hands landed in the first few rounds, influenced the ring side doctor to stop the fight. After Mosley experienced success in the first three rounds, Vargas did come back to win rounds four through seven with affective aggressiveness. When the eye became too much of a handicap, Mosley began to regain command and win rounds eight and nine, enroute to the stoppage in the tenth round. Tonight is the eagerly anticipated rematch, which is probably happening at just the right time.

Too many rematches over the years have happened years too late. Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns fought their legendary welterweight battle in 1981, in which Leonard stopped Hearns in the fourth round. They did not have a rematch until eight years later, in June of 1989. Julio Cesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor fought in what many considered to be the fight of that decade [and perhaps the most controversial]. They did not rematch until four years later, 1994.

How refreshing it is to see two fighters, two former champions, who had staged one hell of a fight for boxing fans, having their rematch within a reasonable time frame. Let us hope it is every bit as thrilling as their original encounter.