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Freitas coming out of retirement; wants Casamayor!

According to reliable sources at Boxingtalk, WBO Lightweight Champion Acelino Freitas, who attended to WBO Convention, apparently reported that he is unretiring and chooses to return to the ring for a unification bout with WBC Champion Joel Casamayor.

In January of 2001, Freitas defeated Casamayor by an extremely narrow yet unanimous decision. Casamayor, following his split decision victory over Diego Corrales in their rubbermatch a few weeks ago, is regarded as the legitimate World Lightweight Championship as he seized the RING Magazine crown as well as the WBC strap.

I find it extremely fitting and convenient that, so soon after Casamayor defeated Corrales, Freitas suddenly wants to come out of retirement and face Casamayor. Styles make fights. Freitas, who defeated Casamayor in 2001, was humiliated, dropped multiple times, and was forced to quit when he faced Corrales in August 2004. Casamayor, following his career-defining victory over Corrales a few weeks ago, is now the man at 135lbs! Freitas no longer has to worry about Corrales. He was just defeated, eliminated from the lightweight division as a result of his inability to make the weight any longer, and now looks to get the hell out of dodge and move up to 147lbs.

If I was Freitas, and I saw a man, whom I once defeated, beat the man who destroyed me for all of the marbles in my weight class, it would probably lure me out of retirement as well!

Popo is not leaving just yet, folks.