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Gainer a free agent: disapproves of provisions in latest promotional agreement!

I was reading the article at Fightnews regarding Former WBA Featherweight Champion Derrick "Smoke" Gainer being a free agent, after his latest prospective promotional company and he severed professional ties. Gainer tried to modify several provisions in the agreement. The article at fightnews was written as such:

The promotional deal between Zeferino Entertainment and Derrick Gainer has collapsed. "We had a contract, but Gainer decided he wanted to modify several provisions in the agreement. Rather than to fight over these provisions we both decided to severe the professional relationship and go our separate ways," said
promoter Zef Ramirez. "I wish him the best of luck in the future."


"We are looking for a promoter we feel will put their efforts into getting Smoke back into title contention," stated Gariner's agent Brian Reed. "We are not under a promotional contract at this time and are open to offers. Smoke is back in top shape with a renewed desire to become a world champion. Smoke just turned 34 and we feel he still has all the tools to win another world title." Reed said are more aggressive Gainer should return in March. "We can't wait to show the world the new Seek & Destroy fighting style Smoke's new trainer has implemented. We feel the best is yet to come.

I think it's funny how fighters will blame the provisions of a promotional agreement, or prospective promoters or handlers, for not getting them immediate title shots.

Do prizefighters ever stop to think that it's not ALWAYS the promoters who are responsible for the fighter's unfortunate status in the sport? They act as if they have nothing to do with the position they're in, when in retrospect, they usually have the MOST to do with it because they are the ones who performed in the ring, either impressively or unimpressively.

The promoter's job is the get their fighters the fights and market the fighter. How can you market a guy who barely beat a 16-19 fighter? Sometimes, it helps if the fighters win their fights and build themselves up over time in order to deserve another title shot. It doesn't help when the boxer goes 1-2 in his last three outings, and the win that he did score was merely a split decision win, over a stepping stone with a losing record. Gainer, a former world champion, BARELY beat unknown stepping stone Phillip Payne who was 16-19-1, in his last fight! That should have been an easy fight. A coming out party after losing two in a row. A no-brainer! Whatever you opt to call that. It should'nt have been a struggle resulting in a split decision.

At 34 years of age, Gainer should be worrying about staying active, staying in the gym, getting any fights that he can get, and winning those fights impressively to ensure that earns himself a title shot. Win your fights, Smoke. Win your fights.

Wins, impressive wins over live bodies (not even top contenders necessarily), are what get people talking. Worry about provisions later. There is not much to negotiate with when you can't win your fights. There is not much you can do about that, either, if you no longer have the stomach to be a fighter.