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WBO considering Team Holt's protest!

As well they should!

As noted here at Boxing Chronicles earlier, Team Holt lodged a protest to the victory of WBO Jr Welterweight Champion Ricardo Torres from their controversial title fight that took place last weekend in Columbia.

The WBO Complaints and Grievance Committee is requesting tapes/DVDs of the fight, affidavits, reports, summaries, and other vital information relevant to the decision making process from both the Torres and Holt camps.

From what I've read, fans were launching loaded beer cans and soda cans at Holt during the fight, particularly at the moment during which Holt dropped and hurt Torres in round six. Torres fought on wobbly legs for a few rounds after that, but the fans saw fit to enter the drama with their hostile ways and interfere by tossing objects at their home country hero's opponent. As far as I'm concerned, that's a terrible interference to Holt and the event as a whole.

Holt was not just battling Torres, he was also battling the crowd at hand. It requires enough focus and discipline to concentrate on what your opponent is throwing at you. When fans start throwing objects as well, it interferes with the fighter's concentration and that is not right.

It would be an injustice to Kendall Holt if the WBO didn't grant him an immediate and automatic rematch.