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Boxing Chronicles Q/A: Roy Jones, Jr!

Thanks to Boxingtalk having him as a guest in the chatroom, Boxing Chronicles had the chance to get share a few words with Former Pound for Pound King Roy Jones, Jr. The following is what he had to say about his proposed UFC battle with Anderson Silva, Hopkins vs Calzaghe, the upcoming light heavyweight fights on Showtime, and more!

Bryan Bradley: Roy, welcome to the chatroom. Great to see you in here with us. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was in high school. Obviously you have interest in a proposed UFC fight with Anderson Silva. In boxing, however, we got the Showtime light heavyweight tournament coming up. We got Hopkins/Calzaghe. You’ve mounted a nice little winning streak since the third Tarver fight. What are your goals for the remainder of the year? Where do you want to be, lets say mid 2009? Light Heavyweight Champ of the world?

Roy Jones, Jr: My main goal is to first fight Silva, then move on to fight the winner of the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight. If it's Calzaghe I could make the fight, if it's Hopkins he don't really fight me. And then maybe I'll fight the winner of the Showtime light heavyweight tournament next year. I also heard Danny Green gave up his title and I might be in the running for that right now too.

BB: Roy, in the Showtime light heavyweight round robbin, I recall you saying that the result of that could be a big mess, because we could potentially get Woods/Johnson IV or Tarver/Johnson III which is are fights that the people don’t necessarily care to see. Who do you believe comes out of that on top? Who do you want to come out of that on top, because Johnson is probably a rematch you really want from a revenge standpoint. Thanks!

RJ: Not just for revenge, I just want the rematch with him. If you look at the big picture none of those guys are the former heavyweight champion of the world.