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Margarito stops Cotto in 11 rounds!

In what can be considered a mild upset, Antonio Margarito won the WBA Welterweight Championship with an 11th round TKO of defending champion Miguel Cotto. This marked the first loss in the career of the young Puerto Rican superstar. Two facts I must admit to the readers of Boxing Chronicles. My prediction for this fight was totally off. I just had my Margarito crow and eggs for breakfast this morning and I wasn't even aloud to marinate it in butter! =( Secondly, I did not see the fight live, nor have I seen a recording of it. I have not seen the fight at all. From what I have been hearing and reading, the fight was a classic -- a clear-cut candidate for Fight of the Year -- just as it was promoted to be. Next weekend, on the Clottey vs Judah telecast, I will be watching the fight for the first time. I was down at the shore partying this weekend with some of the old college buddies, so I will be able to give you my own exclusive full-blown detailed analysis of what happened in the fight this weekend. Major props to Antonio Margarito for his victory over Cotto.