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Judah vs Clottey & Margarito vs Cotto replay!

Tonight Boxing Chronicles will be covering the live IBF welterweight title fight between Joshua Clottey and Zab Judah on HBO Boxing After Dark at 9:30 PM ET/ 6:30 PM PT. I'll also be reviewing, analyzing, and commenting on Margarito's 11th round TKO of Miguel Cotto in the classic WBA welterweight title fight that took place one week ago tonight.
Stay tuned for live updates.


Round 1

Judah busier, firing away with his jab. Most of his shots are blocked, but he's more active than Clottey.

10-9 Judah

Round 2

Judah doubling and trippling up on his jab. Clottey has not done enough in the first two rounds. He should be stepping in and throwing more punches of his own, trying to trap Zab on the ropes.

10-9 Judah Total: 20-18 Judah

Round 3

Much better round for Clottey. He landed some left hooks to the body and straight shots to the head. Judah pulling back and getting hit.

10-9 Clottey Total: 29-28 Judah

Round 4

10-9 Clottey Total: 38-38

Round 5

10-9 Clottey Total: 48-47 Clottey

Round 6

10-9 Judah Total: 57-57

Round 7

Judah showing a lot of heart in this fight. He's getting hit clean by Clottey. Clottey staggered him in the corner at one point; Zab was hurt. To his credit, Zab is fighting back and showing a lot of heart. Big right hands from Clottey.

10-9 Clottey Total: 67-66 Clottey

Round 8

Clottey certainly isn't flashy or fast, but he's strong and when he throws punches, he manages to land cleanly. Zab tried to steal the round at the end with a fast flurry as he had Clottey in the corner, but hardly any of it landed.

10-9 Clottey Total: 77-75 Clottey

Accidental clash of heads in round 9. Judah bleeding badly from the cut above Judah's right eye.

Scoring the partial nineth round, I gave Clottey round nine. My scorecard reads 87-84 (6-3) for Clottey. The doctor examines the cut and Judah says that he can't see. Replay, it looks like the cut was caused by a PUNCH. Nonetheless, they go to the scorecards.

Judges scored it 86-85, 86-84, and 86-85 for the winner by unanimous decision... and the new IBF Welterweight Champion of the World....

Joshua Clottey!