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The Bobfather wants to no part of Paul Williams!

Williams vs Margarito II improbable as long as Margarito is fighting under the Top Rank banner!

Who can blame Bob "the Bobfather" Arum and WBA welterweight champion Antonio Margarito for going after Sugar Shane Mosley, who is 10 years older than Paul Williams and hasn't already beaten Margarito? Speculating the reasons why a Williams vs Margarito rematch is irrelevant and unnecessary, I've heard all the excuses in the world. Williams isn't exciting. Williams isn't a big name. Williams won't make a Margarito fight the 'event' that guys like Mosley or Miguel Cotto would make it.

Margarito is also making two million dollar for a title defense against Mosley on January 24, where he would've made four million for a rematch with Williams. In this case, less money and an older fighter who might make the fight a bigger event was the preferred alternative for Margarito rather than trying to avenge his July 2007 loss to Williams (for twice as much money!). Sugar Ray Leonard did it against Roberto Duran. Lennox Lewis did it against Hasim Rahman. More recently, Williams did it against Quintana, in spectacular first knockout type of fashion. Mosley, another warrior, tried to make it happen with Forrest and Wright after losing to both of them - but was unsuccessful in his attempts.

This is no disrespect to Margarito, he's still a very good fighter and his war with Cotto this past summer is definitely in the running for Fight of Year honors. However, it is crystal clear that Margarito and Arum have absolutely no intentions of establishing that type of loss-avenging legacy for Margarito. Other than taking half the purse he would've taken for a Williams fight (which doesn't make sense), the rest of it all pretty much makes sense to me. There's always somebody out there who has your ticket. Always somebody out there who has your number.

When I look at Williams, I see a freak of a physical specimen. The man is a 6'0" 154lber who throws a high volume of punches from all angles. He doesn't slap as much now a days. As of late, he's sitting down on his shots more than he used to, hence adding more power to his punches. Even with the additional power, the man still throws a lot of punches. He beat Margarito fair and square the first time. In the later rounds of that fight, particularly round 11, Margarito managed to connect quite a bit on Williams and Williams did not budge.

Margarito either has to hurt you or wear you down. He's been effective when taking that approach against smaller opponents. He's never done that with a bigger opponent. Williams is a natural 154lber who could easily fight at 160lbs. He's bigger than Margarito. He'll beat Margarito again if the Bobfather ever has a change of heart and allows his fighter to tip toe into the ring with The Punisher. But we all know Margarito isn't going to fight Williams ever again.

At the Williams vs Phillips post-fight press conference, it was clearly noted that Arum doesn't ever want to be contacted about doing business with 'Mr Williams' again! It's not like Arum is merely trying to keep a Margarito vs Cotto rematch alive. It's Margarito, or at least Arum, steering clear of having face Williams again. If Arum was just being an experienced businessman trying to set a path for Margarito/Cotto II, he'd tell Paul William's promoter Dan Goossen...

"Here's the deal. The rematch with Cotto is going to happen. Margarito is going to fight Shane Mosley in January. Then a rematch with Cotto afterwards if Margarito is victorious against Mosley, as he should be. No disrespect to you or Paul, but Margarito vs Cotto is a Fight of the Year candidate. A rematch is in order - that's what the fans really want to see first. We'll be in touch as everything unfolds, with a possibility of your guy getting the winner next, provided both fighters stay unbeaten, at the end of the year in 2009 either at 147lbs or 154lbs."

But no, he has cut off all possibilities and avenues to negotiation because he knows his fighter can't beat Williams. Margarito might not know it, but Arum certainly has to know as much. He does not want to give Williams the opportunity to show Margarito that Margarito can not beat him. They clearly want to duck Williams. Arum appears to have a special radar - he knows when other fighters can beat his fighters. That's why he's kept Winky Wright away from all his stars over the years - and it's been an ongoing trend! Wright was never able to land a fight with Oscar De la hoya when he was with Arum. Arum has also keeping Winky away from world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik.

Knowing what I know, I have to admit that Margarito is not on the level of Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, or any of those champions for that matter who even attempted to avenge their losses. But by the same token, Margarito is not stupid, either. He doesn't want to lose that momentum or that image that he's re-established for himself and neither does Arum. Margarito will never get into a ring with Williams, as long as he's with Arum.

It's a shame, but that's just the way it is. That's the truth.



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