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Pacquiao destroys Hatton!

Manny Pacquiao KO2 Ricky Hatton... Last night I made my usual trip to Miami Mike's Sports Zone, where I watch all of the big PPV boxing matches. Attendance at the Sports Zone last night was great, which illustrates just how many people in a given county of a specific state enjoy the sport of boxing.

At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas NV, pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao stopped Ricky Hatton in 2nd round to win the junior welterweight championship of the world. Pacquiao scored two knockdowns in the first round, but Hatton wasn't seriously hurt and survived the first round. The knockdown in the second round, product of a left hook by Pacquiao, instantly froze Hatton and sent him sprawling to the canvas for the ten count. The ringside physician, along with a number of Hatton's handlers, were tending to Hatton who remained on the canvas for several minutes. In what was classified as the most significant fight of the year, with boxing media and experts almost split down the middle as to who they believed would emerge victorious, Pacquiao made it look effortless.

With such an electrifying victory, Pacquiao may have set himself up for a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, who announced his return to sport as well as his July 18 fight against lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight of 144lbs. Mayweather must first defeat Marquez before a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight can even become reality. Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum suggested to the media that he would not wait around for Mayweather. “We’re not going to wait around for Mayweather,” said Arum. “If Cotto wants to come down a few pounds, we can make that happen. Or we can go with Shane Mosley.”

At the end of the evening, I took a few moments to speak to observers at the Sports Zone about the prospects of a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight as well as the upcoming Mayweather vs. Marquez fight. A cute waitress of Philippino descent approached me and professed her love for Pacquiao, raising her forearm and showing me the name "Pacquiao" tattooed to her forearm. That is the kind of love and following that Pacquiao brings into the ring with him for each and every fight.

Undercard results

Humberto Soto TKO9 Benoit Gaudet
Daniel Jacobs W8 Michael Walker
Matvey Korobov TKO2 Anthony Bartinelli
Erislandy Lara W4 Chris Gray

television: HBO Pay Per View



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Can't wait for the Pac-man vs Pretty Boy. Should be very special.

Check out Pacquiao in all his glory here ->

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