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Chagaev vs. Meehan for interim title: Could the WBA sink any lower? has reported that the World Boxing Association ordered an interim title fight between former heavyweight titlist Ruslan Chagaev and former WBO title challenger Kali Meehan. The WBA, according to, summoned up this not so brilliant idea at their annual convention in Medellin, Columbia.

Meehan earned the mandatory spot in the WBA when he defeated DaVarryl Williamson by a sixth round TKO at Madison Square Garden in October of 2007. Chagaev fought heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in his previous outting back in June, but was dominated and stopped in the 9th round of their title fight in Germany.

Call me crazy, but I always thought the purpose of an interim title fight is to have a champion ready to crown, in the event that the actual champion himself remains inactive or vacates. David Haye just won the WBA title by majority decision over Nicolai Valuev on November 7, so why has the organization already ordered an interim title fight? Why are they ordering Meehan to face Chagaev, a man who was just stopped in his last fight, for this ridiculous interim title?

This commentator says, the WBA should allow Haye to defend his title before they begin searching their ever so dense list of contenders for another champion. Haye is supposed to fight continuously recycled heavyweight contender John Ruiz in his next fight. How exactly is Ruiz granted so many opportunities, after losing in consecutive attempts for the sanctioning body's title?? That, too, is quite troubling and indicative of just how shallow the heavyweight division has truly become.

How about Meehan and Ruiz agree to fight each other in order to fairly cement the number one spot in the WBA, while Haye celebrates the title he just won a few weeks ago??? Such a scenario might be just a little too logical for the WBA to bring to fruition. We should all be well aware by now that the corrupt sanctioning bodies feel the need to have multiple champions in each weight class.