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Joel Casamayor signs with Golden Boy!

Inactivity is plaguing the Lightweight Champion's career! Hopefully now, he'll be more active!

World Lightweight Champion Joel Casamayor has recently signed with Oscar De la hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. Smart move on his part, knowing that the champion has not fought since his title winning effort over the late Diego Corrales back in October of 2006. Casamayor has done more interviews with media and boxing websites than he has been fighting. When a fighter reaches Casamayor's age and status, he needs to stay as active as possible. He gained some momentum with the win over Corrales, but he is losing it with the inactivity. This October will be a year since he's stepped foot in a ring for prize fight. The WBC even took his belt away, sighting the inactivity, and gave it to David Diaz, who defended that belt with a win against Erik Morales last weekend. But as we all know, belts do not make champions. Champions make belts. Joel Casamayor beat the legitimate Lightweight Champion and has not lost a fight since that win. Yet, he hasn't FOUGHT since that win either. Hopefully, signing with Golden Boy will change all of that for Casamayor and we will see the lightweight champion in the action more often.



Tim -- said...

Casamayor's not my favorite fighter but he is so, so underrated. He needs big fights -- maybe Golden Boy can help him.