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Antonio Margarito suspended!

Margarito suspended for use of loaded gloves, along with trainer Javier Capetillo.

Say it isn't so, Tony??? Apparently the gloves of Antonio Margarito were loaded with a foreign substance on the night of his welterweight title defense against Shane Mosley at Staples Center last Saturday.
Having read an interview Percy Crawford conducted with Mosley's trainer Nazim Richardson on Fighthype earlier this morning, Richardson made it clear that he "saw that block fall out of them wraps and I wanted to punch Margarito's trainer in the mouth". Many believe that the substance was Plaster of Paris, which is a substance that hardens into that of a cement block or mortar.

Noticing what Margarito's punches did to challenger Sebastion Lujan's left ear in a title defence back in February of 2005, the loaded glove issue becomes increasingly believable, as do the feelings that he's been practicing that cowardly and illegal tactic in his previous fights. I've been watching boxing for over fifteen years. I have seen fighters get hit in the head, nose, and ears and rarely do I see that type of damage done to an ear by a safe, legally padded glove!!!! Margarito and Capetillo are both lucky that no serious damage has been inflicted on Mosley, or even Cotto for that matter - at least not yet. Furthermore, they are lucky that they have not faced stiffer charges beyond suspended boxing licenses.

Panama Lewis and his fighter Luis Resto were suspended and did time in jail, as they should've, for the removal of padding in Resto's gloves, which caused permanent physical damage to Billy Collins Jr in their fight in 1983.

photo: boxingnews24