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Pacquiao vs Hatton set for May 2

Pacquiao, Hatton agree to 52-48 split in the Philippino superstar's favor. Fair split, and I will tell you why!

According to Dan Rafael at ESPN, Manny Pacquiao has signed a contract to face world jr welterweight champion Ricky Hatton for a purse split of 52-48. After frantic negotiations, both fighters compromised as to the split they were demanding. Pacquiao initially requested a 60-40 split, yet Hatton felt that he was worth more than due to his vast British fan base and the fact that he is the champion. Hatton demanded parity with Pacquiao and threatened to exercise other options if he got anything less. After an extended period of negotiation between the two parties, they came to an agreement of 52-48 and got the fight signed, which is what was best for the boxing world. I believe a split of 52-48 is as fair as the two parties can get at the negotiating table.

Whether the purse split was 60-40, 55-45, or even the 52-48 that they finally agreed upon, Pacquiao deserves the larger portion of the pot as I see it. He put his life and career on the line by moving way up in weight to dominate and possibly retire Oscar De la Hoya, boxing's fatest cash cow, when virtually nobody gave him a chance to do so. Pacquiao is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Pacquiao is likely the only reason why Floyd Mayweather, Jr would even consider coming out of retirement and stepping foot in a prize fight ring again. Mayweather does not need Hatton. Mayweather already knocked out Hatton in his last fight back in December of 2007.

Hatton would like nothing more than to get a rematch with Mayweather; he must also keep in mind that he needs Pacquiao [not so much the case the other way around], and he needs to defeat Pacquiao if he's even going to have a chance to be the man whom Mayweather considers coming out of retirement to fight. Pacquiao became the cash cow when he beat De la hoya, ane he retained his pound for pound crown while doing so. If Hatton doesn't defeat Pacquiao, there is no chance of a rematch with Mayweather ever happening.

Pacquiao can dismiss the notion of fighting Hatton entirely, and he would still provide Money May with another multi-million dollar payday and the fans with another big super fight. Without a Pacquiao fight on the horizon, Hatton would probably be reduced to fighting likes of a Nate Campbell, Juan Manuel Marquez, or Juan Diaz in a soccer stadium somewhere Great Britain. While those are all intriguing fights for The Hitman that would draw thousands of his British fans, they are all high risk and low reward pursuits.

Everyone wants to see Pacquiao vs Mayweather - that is by far the biggest event in boxing right now as well as one of the biggest over all sporting events that can be made. Pacquiao vs Mayweather serves as the ideal Superbowl of boxing. We do not necessarily want to see Mayweather vs. Hatton II at this moment, sorry Ricky! While a Pacquiao vs Hatton fight is a good fight, it is not the biggest boxing event that can be made. However, it is the biggest and best fight that is realistically capable of being made as long as Mayweather remains retired. Taking that into consideration, Hatton needs this fight more than Pacquiao does, and it appears he has come to terms with such reality by agreeing to the 48-52 split.

There you have it ladies, gentlemen, and boxing fans - Pacquiao vs Hatton for the jr welterweight championship of the world, likely taking place at the MGM Grand Garden, on May 2.




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APRIL 18 (10:00-10:30 p.m. - PST)

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MAY 1 (9:30-10:00 p.m. - PST) (the night before the fight)