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Malignaggi deserves another opportunity: If not Diaz, will it be Timothy Bradley?

Will Diaz agree to give Malignaggi the rematch that is warranted? If not, how about Timothy Bradley, Devon Alexander, or Zab Judah? After the Hatton fight last November, all of them would've stepped up to the plate in a NEW YORK MINUTE.

Just when you think life has treated you unfairly, as former IBF super lightweight champion Paulie Malignaggi believes was the case this past Saturday night in Houston, TX when he lost a controversial decision to Juan Diaz, a positive outcome can sometimes manifest from even the most dreadful injustice the world has to offer.

If anything was truly unanimous following the debatable verdict of Saturday's showdown, it is that Malignaggi rightfully deserves another opportunity to prove himself as one of the best super lightweights in the world on a big stage against a world class opponent. The rematch between Malignaggi and Diaz would seem to make the most sense at this time, as both boxers gave tremendous accounts of themselves and would still appear to have unfinished business.

Given the competitive nature of the fight and the controversy surrounding the political circumstances and business-related endeavors of the fight, one must wonder if Golden Boy Promotions is all that eager to rematch one of their emerging stars against the 28 year old Brooklyn native who made matters just a little too close to call for their expectations and comfort zone.

According to the Examiner, Malignaggi could be getting a title shot against WBO super lightweight champion Timothy Bradley in the near future. Bradley is promoted by Gary Shaw and fights almost exclusively on HBO rival Showtime's television network, so Malignaggi may be crossing back over to Showtime in order to make that fight happen. While such a match up may be suitable to Malignaggi, it might turn out to be one of those high-risk, low-reward type of deals.

Although Bradley is a titlist who boasts an undefeated professional record, there are not too many fans outside of boxing's inner circles who are familiar with the name Timothy Bradley - such a name happens to belong to a pretty good boxer, one of the best super lightweights in the world, who also possesses better than average hand speed.

WBA super lightweight king Amir Khan of England is another potential big stage opponent for Malignaggi, but he presents the same political complexities that Malignaggi was confronted with when he faced Diaz in Houston. In all likelihood Malignaggi would have to go over to England to challenge Khan, which would also present him with a title shot as well as a substantially large payday, but the same risk of being treated unfairly by the judges once again resurfaces.

Last but not least, Malignaggi's promoter Lou Dibella immediately went on record demanding that a rematch with Juan Diaz take place in New York. Should Team Malignaggi fail to make such a request a reality, how about another fight that this observer believes has the potential to generate revenue in the New York area? Paulie Malignaggi vs. Zab Judah! This reporter believes such an event would generate a vast live gate at Madison Square Garden in New York City and could serve as nice payday for both combatants.

Malignaggi has the gift of gab. Judah is no stranger to trash talking, either. Can you image what the promotional build up for that one?? Taking into account his inactivity as well as his track record in the big fights as of late, Judah's name still remains marketable to the general sports public.

Hopefully somebody gives Malignaggi another opportunity against a credible opponent, on either HBO or Showtime, and remembers to leave judge Gale Van Hoy out the equation!



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