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Drug testing controversy for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The latest in a tiring saga of smoke and mirrors?

Negotiations and demands for the proposed March 13 Mayweather vs. Pacquiao mega fight are beginning to leave me almost as dazed as this country's unending Healthcare Reform in currently unfolding in Washington. The process is ongoing, but a question mark remains as to whether or not the fight will actually happen.

The latest obstacle in the proceedings, which may very well be a deal breaker, is the accusation coming from Team Mayweather that pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao refuses to undergo Olympic-style drug testing. Olympic style testing consists of multiple tests taken randomly throughout preparations for the sporting event. These tests include eight to ten random urine tests as well as five or six blood tests.

Al Haymon, manager of undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr, insisted that the fight can still happen as planned, but Pacquiao must agree to the blood testing standards of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (U.S.A.D.A) and take a blood test within thirty days of the bout. This is a demand that Team Mayweather firmly stands behind; it is non-negotiable. Pacquiao, who never previously had a reputation as a dirty fighter, has passed every single one of his drug tests. The customary drug test, however, consists of a stand urine test before and immediately following a fight.

Team Mayweather, particularly Floyd's father Floyd Mayweather Sr, suspects that Pacquiao is taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone that enhances tissue growth by stimulating protein formation throughout the body. Side effects of HGH injection are high risks of liver damage, due to the fact that liver is overworked, as well as a possible shutdown of the pituitary gland, a pea-sized hypophysis located at the base of brain.

In an interview with Fighthype's Percy Crawford, Mayweather Sr said, "Yeah, I definitely want Pacquiao to give blood. How is that going to affect him mentally? You could give blood a day before the fight and it wouldn't affect you, let alone three weeks out. Something isn't right man and we're going to make sure everything is copacetic." Mayweather supporters will continue to question whether or not Pacquiao is indeed attempting to hide something from the public. After all, if one is a clean and honest competitor, there should be no objection to following through with blood testing.

Perhaps all of this is just yet another negotiating ploy on behalf of Team Mayweather representative Golden Boy Promotions. Maybe it is just smoke and mirrors. At the end of the day, this commentator believes Pacquiao will go through with the testing. Should he fail to comply with the testing, he would likely be subjected to more of the same criticism from that general public that Team Mayweather is currently bestowing upon him. That is exactly what Team Mayweather wants. However, I doubt very much that Pacquiao would jeopardize such a historic event or risk damaging his own reputation by failing to comply. It is my prediction that both Pacquiao and Mayweather will be tested and both will come out absolutely clean.

Mayweather has already agreed to go through with the blood testing, as well as a demand by Team Pacquiao that he be penalized $10 million for each additional pound should he weigh in over the weight limit. Both combatants, however, will be subject to that penalty for coming in overweight.

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Anonymous said...

This is suspicious. Floyd wants the USADA because he has friends there (he was a US Olympic boxing champion). I’m sure he’s going to use those contacts to make them either create a fake positive for Pacquiao or harass him with the tests. They should let a European agency do the testing. Nobody trusts Floyd and his nigga tactics.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree! Why Mayweather's Camp are insisting on using the USADA Olympic style drug testing? Is it because they have someone in authority there in their pocket? Why are they refusing to use the agency that test NBA, NFL and Major League Basebal as Arum Proposed? Very suspicious indeed. Mayweather's ploy to avoid and put the blame on Pacquiao backfired.