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Kermit Cintron: "There's no bigger fight than me versus Cotto on the even of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC!"

PRESS RELEASE: It’s Christmas time, but despite having a great family to share the season with, Kermit Cintron is feeling a little lonely. That’s because since his May victory over highly touted contender Alfredo Angulo, it seems as though everyone else from welterweight (where he has twice held world titles) to junior middleweight (where he pulled a convincing upset over Angulo) has forgotten about Cintron, the WBC #2, WBO #2, IBF #3 ranked contender..

To bide his time, Cintron (32-2-1, 28 KOs) fulfilled a lifelong dream by returning to his native Puerto Rico and stopping Juliano Ramos in five rounds. Now he’s back on the prowl for the biggest names and toughest challenges.

“I don’t discriminate,” said Cintron. “From 147 to 154, I feel like I can beat anyone in the world. My only two losses were to a guy who was later found to have loaded gloves. Almost no else has a track record as good as mine, and yet everyone else seems to be getting opportunities.”

Among those getting opportunities is Angulo, who was back on the HBO airwaves six months after losing to Cintron in a battle for the interim WBO junior middleweight title against untested Harry Joe Yorgey. Angulo won easily and is now planning his first title defense while Cintron sits in limbo.

“How does this make sense? I beat Angulo and he gets two more dates like it’s nothing,” asked Cintron. “Since I beat Angulo, the only fight I’ve been offered was to fight Joshua Clottey and I was already scheduled to fight down in Puerto Rico. So my DiBella Entertainment stablemate Carlos Quintana took the fight, and it ended up getting cancelled anyways.”

While Cintron is eager to fight the best from 147 to 154, it is a fight against fellow Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto that tops his wish list.

“A fight between Cotto and I makes the most sense. It’s about Puerto Rican pride,” said Cintron. “There could not be a bigger fight than me versus Cotto on the eve of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. What would make no sense would be for Cotto to give Margarito another fight.”

If a fight versus Cotto cannot happen, Cintron is willing to put to clear up any questions that remain with regard to his bout against Sergio Martinez.

“Because the Cotto fight wouldn’t happen until June, I’d like to get a rematch against Sergio Martinez. Some people disputed the draw. Look, the guy wore so much hair gel and moose, that the fumes were making me dizzy. And I still managed to put it on him on only 4 weeks’ notice. Let’s clear the air for good. With an eight week camp, I knock him out. Simple as that!”

Added Cintron, “And if I can’t get either of those fights, I’ll gladly move up to middleweight to fight Kelly Pavlik. If no is stepping up to the plate to fight me, they better know I am ready and willing to fight them!”



Anonymous said...

I sort of feel for Kermit Cintron. Although I'm not a fan of some of the stuff he's done (like dancing on the corner pads after a recent fight) I do feel he deserves better than what he's getting. He clearly was chosen by Angulo's people and HBO as a name fighter for Angulo to beat. Only one problem. Cintron killed him from the opening bell. So what happens next? Angulo gets more HBO time and Cintron gets very little. Go figure. I guess the way to get more HBO dates is to get completely dominated by a far superior athlete and boxer. That plan worked for Angulo. "El Perro" looked more like a little "pussy" cat against Cintron. I have no interest in seeing him box but would love to see Cintron against Cotto, Martinez or any of the other big name 147 or 154's!