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Mayweather -vs- Hatton in November?

Mayweather to vacate WBC Super Welterweight Title!

It has been announced by reliable sources, such as Greg Leon at, that Pound for Pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr has vacated the WBC Super Welterweight title that he won from Oscar De la hoya on May 5 of this year. His retirement, however, could very well be short lived. There is speculation that a big fight between Mayweather and Ricky "The Manchester Mexican" Hatton, who is fresh off of his fourth round demolition of Jose Luis Castillo, could very well be in the cards for November 10 of this year. Mayweather vs Hatton would be intriguing matchup between two undefeated champions in their prime for the Welterweight Championship of the World. Even though Mayweather vacated the 154lb title, he still holds the WBC Welterweight Championship. As for the Super Welterweight belt, that could very well be contested for in the July 28 fight between Former Welterweight Champions Vernon Forrest and Carlos Baldomir.



merjoem32 said...

Forrest was considered as one of the best in boxing when he defeated Shane Mosley twice. However, his loss to Mayorga really derailed him from the top. I hope he can regain his form starting with his win over Baldomir.