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Nate Campbell and Zab Judah: Make this fight happen!

The non-title fight that needs to happen at 140lbs, while the champions are mixing it up!

On a variety of different boxing websites, former lightweight titlist Nate Campbell and former undisputed welterweight champion Zab Judah have been taking stabs at one another. Campbell, coming off a majority decision win over Ali Funeka a couple weeks ago, have already moved up to the 140lb weight class. Judah, who came back down to 140lbs, won a 10 round decision over Ernest Johnson on the under card of Calzaghe vs Jones back in November at Madison Square Garden.

Judah, just the other day on Boxingtalk, threatened that Campbell and his trainer John David Jackson needed to walk around with bullet proof helmets if they can't keep his name out of their mouths. In a recent interview Fighthype's very own Percy Crawford conducted with Campbell, Campbell responded to such threats by refering to Judah as a "loud mouth wuss." Campbell also insisted, "when I hit him on the chin, I'll make him walk like Bambi again." The trash talking could go on for ever, as it makes for interesting reading on these websites. Fact of the matter is, a fight between Campbell and Judah could be quite intriguing.

While Hatton and Pacquiao prepare to face each other for the 140lb world title on May 2, and titlists Kendall Holt and Timothy Bradley get ready to square off in a unification title fight on April 4, there's plenty of time in the interim to set up a fight between Campbell and Judah. Such a fight would establish a top challenger, with name value, to the fighters who emerge victorious in the fights upcoming at 140lbs. Certainly the winner of a Campbell vs Judah fight would have enough of a claim, as well as a name, to call out the winner of Pacquiao vs Hatton.

I get the feeling that Campbell does want to mix it up with Judah. As of late, Judah has been content to sling threats at potential opponents who call him out rather than making fights and winning those fights. Opportunity only knocks so many times, and one would have to imagine that opportunity has knocked on Judah's door more times than have been the case for less fortunate pugilists in this business. After losing welterweight title fights to Carlos Baldomir, Floyd Mayweather, Jr, Miguel Cotto, and Joshua Clottey, Judah has yet another chance to make a statement and prove to fans and experts alike that he is an elite world class fighter by attempting to take over the 140lb weight class. At this time, Nate Campbell seems like a logical step to such an objective.

Attention Nate Campbell, Zab Judah, and all respective handlers and networks, make this fight happen! It's an ideal fixture as an HBO Boxing After Dark main event or even an under card match on HBO World Championship Boxing.