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What will be Miguel Cotto's next move?

Miguel Cotto was a substantial betting favorite to up end challenger Michael Jennings last Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. To that extent, Cotto did not fail to deliver. In dominating fashion, the Puerto Rican sensation stopped Jennings in five one sided rounds to claim the vacant WBO welterweight title. That is the initial step to the Cotto comeback trail. Fans and experts want to know what is next.

Cotto's promoter Bob Arum has hinted at scheduling Cotto's next appearance for June 13 at Madison Square Garden on the weekend of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. Certainly Cotto is no stranger to fighting at the Garden on that weekend, as he fought there at on that special occasion three years in a row.

Logic says that Arum will match Cotto against another relatively soft touch of an opponent in his next appearance. The fight that we all want to see, of course, is the rematch between Cotto and current welterweight kingpin Sugar Shane Mosley. They both fought in what was a hotly contested and entertaining affair back in November of 2007 at Madison Square Garden; Cotto escaped with a narrow decision win. For boxing's sake, Cotto and Mosley must meet again to further define who the legitimate welterweight champion of the world is.

Arum, from my vantage point, has no intentions of giving Mosley another shot at Cotto anytime soon. In an interview on Boxingtalk last month, when publisher Greg Leon asked Arum about the importance of a Cotto vs Mosley rematch following Mosley's title winning victory over Antonio Margarito, the Bobfather suggested, "No. No, you really need the Mexicans. Margarito-Cotto is a much bigger fight than Mosley-Cotto.No. No, you really need the Mexicans. Margarito-Cotto is a much bigger fight than Mosley-Cotto."

Unfortunately for Arum, 'Marga-cheato' will not be available for some time, and even if he was, who is to say that a Cotto vs Margarito rematch would be as good as the first fight, given the one-sided beating that Margarito just suffered at the hands of Mosley?

Knowing that Cotto's next fight will probably be at Madison Square Garden in New York, I'm going to put my Bobfather thinking cap on momentarily in analyzing who Cotto's next opponent could potentially be. Are you ready?

**drum roll**

Miguel Cotto vs Kermit Cintron.

Given the way the Bobfather thinks, and recognizing his monetary thirst for big events that are influenced by nationality - particularly Hispanic based, a Cotto vs Cintron fight in NY is one that must have the Bobfather salivating all the way to the negotiating table with Cintron's handlers. From a promotional standpoint, it makes sense to a certain extent.

Both fighters are Puerto Rican.
Both fighters can punch.
Cotto looks sensational knocking guys out.
Cintron looked exciting getting knocked out by Margarito in both of their encounters.
Arum is still trying rebuild Cotto on his comeback trail.

The executives at Golden Boy Promotions, who represent Mosley, might not be too pleased with me after putting this suggestion or idea on record, especially if Arum reads this blog at all and decides to go make the idea of a Cotto vs Cintron fight a reality. Poor Mosley will never get his opportunity to exact revenge in a rematch! But then again, what influence could I possibly have on a promoter who has been in the business for decades and is deeply set in his old ways?