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Wladimir Klitschko ends talks of fight with David Haye!

WBO/IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has withdrawn from negotiations for a title defense against former cruiserweight champion David Haye later this year. Supposedly Klitschko does not believe that Haye is worthy of a shot at his titles due to the verbal attacks that Haye has consistently launched at him as well as unreasonable demands being made on Haye's behalf.

Yesterday on Fightnews, I read the following article.

According to the Ukrainian language section of, Wladimir Klitschko has decided to stop negotiations with David Haye. He says the main problem has been a lack of professionalism on the part of Haye and his representatives. Wlad says Haye can’t decide on his demands. “If Haye continues in the same spirit, it will be two more years before he get a chance to reach a championship fight.” In the event the fight with Haye is not resurrected, Wlad plans “to face Chris Arreola or find someone else. This will be determined later.”

Klitschko is beginning to sound like Oscar De la hoya, when Fernando Vargas talked trash about him, and as a result De la hoya for years dismissed the notion of fighting him [they eventually met in September 2002, with De la hoya scoring a dramatic 11th round TKO]. It is neither noble or courageous to deny a fighter - especially a top contender and former world champion - an opportunity just because he talked some trash. Boxing is a hurting business; it is not always a gentlemen sport. Avoiding Haye who is a former world champion emerging as a heavyweight contender, just because he has belittled Klitschko, is no way for Klitschko to distinguish himself from the rest of the barely recognizable Eastern European titlists.

Certainly Haye is a brash and arrogant character who never hesitates to take his share of verbal jabs at Klitschko, but I will wholeheartedly admit that he is a bigger risk than Klitschko's next prospective opponent, undefeated Chris Arreola. Haye has at least fought some decent opposition and won a world championship. While Haye may not necessarily have the most durable whiskers, he can be evasive and he does possess sufficient enough hand speed as well as an awkward style to cause Klitschko much discomfort. Arreola punches pretty hard, but punching power is not the number one asset a fighter needs to defeat Klitschko - I believe it's hand speed.

Ability to even locate the target on a man as tall and rangy as Klitschko is a vital key to success. Haye is capable of making contact and perhaps even hurting Klitschko early with fast combinations, as Corrie Sanders was able to accomplish in 2003 when he made short and sweet work of Klitschko, devastating the Ukrainian giant in less than two rounds.