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Boxing Chronicles Scorecards: Marquez -vs- Diaz & John -vs- Juarez

Here is how scored the Marquez vs. Diaz and John vs. Juarez title fights that took place at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX a couple weeks ago on HBO.

Marquez vs Diaz - World Lightweight Championship

Marquez won by TKO in 9.
Official judges scores:
Max DeLuca: 77-75 Diaz
Duane Ford: 77-75 Marquez
Levi Martinez: 76-76

John vs Juarez - World Featherweight Championship

Official judges scores:
Tom Miller, Raul Caiz, and Gale Van Hoy: 114-114



Dandy C. said...

okay,i saw John clearly winning that fight.yes there were a couple close rounds,but John was the victor at the end.he was robbed.why? 1. boxing in Juarez's backyard. 2. not a favorite or well known. 3. wasn't a one sided fight for him. i hope there is a rematch and that it's more interesting then the last-D.C.