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Cotto vs. Clottey June 13 at Madison Square Garden?

According to, it looks like a unification title fight between WBO welterweight titlist Miguel Cotto and IBF welterweight belt holder Joshua Clottey is almost officially set for Madison Square Garden on June 13, which is the weekend of the Puerto Day Parade in New York City.

In a way, I'm a bit surprised that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum did not choose Cintron as Cotto's next opponent, being that both guys are Puerto Rican and the idea for the event is to stage it at Madison Square Garden on the weekend of the Puerto Rican Day parade. Cintron tarnished his reputation in his last fight with the way he carried on about the so called headbutt that dropped him in the seventh round, rather than the straight left hand that Martinez landed. As if that wasn't enough, he cried robbery when the official judges declared that fight a draw. Therefore I am delighted that Arum did not select him as Cotto's next opponent.

Furthermore, Clottey currently resides in Bronx, NY, both Cotto and Clottey fight under the Top Rank banner, and overall this is a much better match up than Cotto vs. Cintron. Would I most like to see Mosley vs. Cotto II? Yes, but I won't beat a dead horse over and over again. To his credit, Clottey is a titleholder as well as a top three welterweight would could present Cotto with spirited challenge, so Cotto vs. Clottey is fine by me. No complaints on my end; lets make this fight happen Bobfather!



Anonymous said...

wow,cotto vs. clottey.dangerous fight for cotto and the fight he was looking for for clottey.cottos recent win over jennings was not impressing as jennings was afriad of him.this fight is a real test if cotto is back after the lost.he is in my favor.